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Client Story

Frontline Law


When I started Frontline Law I looked at various practice management software options and LEAP stood out as a modern solution that did everything we needed. It even has a watch app! LEAP has good collaboration and productivity tools and the LEAP team are quick to respond to any questions. We are very happy with LEAP and I recommend it to anyone who wants practice management software that makes your life easier and supports your firm to succeed.

— Matthew Hague, Director

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Client Story

Leishman Legal


When opening my firm's Auckland office in January 2022, I could not find any comparable practice management system within the New Zealand market. Being a comprehensive, cloud-based practice management system, I can operate my practice essentially paperless, and can access my files and documents from anywhere in the world and at any time, which is of great assistance to me with my Trans-Tasman family law practice. I could not live without the LEAP Mobile App, which is essential for a lawyer who is always on the go.

— Vanessa Leishman, Principal and Director

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Client Story

Alan Jones Law Limited


We went live with LEAP in July this year. We found the trainers excellent and the intensive training useful to get us up and running with LEAP. Most useful are the timesheet and the ability to time record, both of which are easy to use, and take the stress away from time recording. The precedent system is great. It allows us to use existing precedents, include our own, and populate the precedent within LEAP. Saving emails to the file is also simple. Probably our favourite feature is the ability to organise your files in such a way that it is easy to find documents and emails within the file. This also makes it easier when you have to pick up someone else's file. The file management is a great feature.

We would recommend LEAP as a practice management system. The system is intuitive and easy to use and the support that you get from LEAP is great, with staff who are knowledgeable and happy to assist with whatever you need.

— Lesley Chapman, Director

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Client Story

Freebairn & Hehir Lawyers


LEAP is intuitive. If you are minimally competent in the use of a computer, you will find it easy to navigate your firm's records, information and systems. LEAP really rewards any effort you put into having good precedents and file templates. Their training and support is awesome. Questions are answered promptly and any issues are quickly ironed out. When we were setting up our firm, LEAP was recommended to us by others in the legal technology space, and we're really glad we took that advice.

— Liam Hehir, Partner

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Client Story

Innes Dean


When Innes Dean started the journey towards a different practice management system, we were ultimately drawn to LEAP as it came as a 'one stop shop'. Before we even transitioned to LEAP, thanks to LEAP's online learning tools, we prepared and educated our team on what to expect. Since moving to LEAP, we have experienced more intuitive processes and benefited from more tangible and usable reporting; as well as the efficiencies and accessibility that a cloud-based PMS offers.

With a successful implementation, LEAP has the potential to be a powerful tool for any law firm.

— Sharyn Rods, General Manager

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Client Story

Singhs Lawyers


LEAP is simple and easy to navigate. Creating, editing, and saving invoices is straightforward, and the 'help for the window' function provides tips and help for each window in LEAP. It's there to help you in case you are lost. Being able to use LEAP out of the office via your mobile device is a big plus. It's worth taking the time to fully understand how to create precedents, and ensuring all information is entered when creating a matter.

— Shailendra Singh, Principal

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whitcombe law

Whitcombe Law


LEAP makes it easy to be paperless, as it stores all your information in one place. keeps everything within the matter, including emailing and sending documents. The print-to-LEAP function is also great. It's well worth investing the time in training and setting up matters and client cards properly, as this will help you embrace the functionality fully to get the benefits of LEAP.

We love LEAP.

— Sonya Whitcombe, Practice Manager

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