Commitment to Innovation

We commit more than $20 million a year to research and development so that our clients have the best possible experience.


30+ years of innovation

Backed by over 30 years of innovation, LEAP lets you run an efficient and flexible law firm from anywhere, at any time. Serving law firms in Australia for 20 years before expanding to the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and now New Zealand, LEAP gives law firms the benefit of a global platform that incorporates jurisdiction-specific solutions as well as local content and support.


Nov 2023

Memo & Voice transcription

Memo & Voice transcription – Live transcription will begin in real time when recording a voice memo. Choose to save the transcript only, the voice recording only, or both. The transcript will be saved as a new comment on the matter.

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MAY 2023

Mobile App as LEAP Authenticator

Enable 2FA (two factor authentication) across your law firm with the LEAP Mobile App, which can now be used exclusively as a LEAP Authenticator. This allows admin users to restrict access to sensitive client data when staff are out of the office or on personal devices. It also improves your cybersecurity in line with best practice.


Jan 2023

LEAP User Portal

Streamline your onboarding experience with the self-service LEAP User Portal, allowing you to access and manage your account before, during and beyond your LEAP installation. Troubleshoot issues through the Help Centre, contact your Legal Practice Advisor or upskill via LEAP University, which provides quick online tutorials to help you unlock the full automation power of LEAP - all in one location.

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Memo & Voice transcription – Live transcription will begin in real time when recording a voice memo. Choose to save the transcript only, the voice recording only, or both. The transcript will be saved as a new comment on the matter.

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FEB 2023

Call Logging - manage incoming phone calls for everyone in your firm

Forget taking information on an easily-lost post-it note, or sending an email that a client has called. Through the Call Logging app, you can easily capture the nature of a phone enquiry, allocate it to a Card or Matter and assign it to a staff member. Staff are notified within LEAP of new calls logged.

interactive invoicing

MAR 2022

Online Invoicing

Deliver high-quality legal bills directly to your client’s Inbox using LEAP’s Interactive Invoice. This new billing system provides you with the ability to insert links to important documents created in the billing period to convey the real value of the work you have done in a way that clients can understand and appreciate. Clients can see the amount of time spent and the individuals responsible for the work on their matter. A Request further information feature has also been introduced for those exceptional cases where a client requests additional details concerning the time spent by a staff member.

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NOV 2021

LEAP App built for iPad

Take your productivity to a whole new level with the new LEAP Mobile App for iPad. Managing your cards, matters, appointments and tasks from your smart device has never been easier.

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Innovations Timeline - marketplace

JUN 2021

LEAP Marketplace

The LEAP Marketplace is the best place to find apps that integrate with LEAP. Offering a wide range of apps that add functionality to matters, cards and more, the LEAP Marketplace lets you extend LEAP’s capabilities to suit your firm. Anyone with a LEAP account can browse, enable and manage apps within LEAP. Get started with the LEAP Marketplace by browsing all available apps below.

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MAY 2021

Winner of the Established Business of the Year Award

We're proud to announce that we have ranked number one in the Law category and named as winner of the Established Business of the Year at the Australian Digital Technology Awards 2021.

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bundlepro software screen

NOV 2020


BundlePro allows law firms to create professional, presentable, cost effective and fully text searchable electronic PDF bundles for the courts in minutes. By automatically converting large volumes of documents into a single PDF, complete with an auto-generated paginated index, bookmarks, hyperlinks and a cover page you can save time and money with BundlePro. Once a bundle has been created, an automatic disbursement can be generated and saved to the corresponding LEAP matter.

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OCT 2020

LEAP innovation recognised

"I’m very pleased to share that LEAP Dev has taken out 7th place in the AFR list of Most Innovative Companies for 2020. The Award really is a testament to the teams at LEAP Dev who are continually thinking and working outside the box to deliver a range of innovations to LEAP users. Innovation always has been and always will be the driving force between everything we do."
Mark Burgess - CEO, LEAP Dev

Innovations Zoom integration

May 2020

Zoom integration

Easily start or schedule a Zoom meeting with colleagues or clients directly from a LEAP matter. Integration between Zoom and LEAP lets you quickly start video and audio calls as well as sync scheduled calls with your Outlook calendar.

Innovations teams

APR 2020

Microsoft Teams integration

LEAP and Microsoft Teams integration makes it easy to collaborate with your team from any location. Share and collaborate on documents and matters, conduct audio or video calls with your team and schedule client callbacks directly from LEAP using Microsoft Teams' instant messaging service.

Innovations facetime

APR 2020

FaceTime video calling

Video call clients from your iOS device with the new LEAP and FaceTime integration. Take advantage of face-to-face meetings from any location with the ability to send FaceTime invitations from the LEAP Mobile. With the option to automatically record time spent on FaceTime calls made through the LEAP Mobile App, all time entries are accounted for.

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LEAP expands to Canada



DEC 2019

Introducing LEAP 2x

LEAP 2x is one of the most innovative updates our software has seen. With this release, you’ll find a new look and exciting range of new features to enhance your productivity and efficiency. With a smoother experience in Windows and enhancements to accounting, documents, quick links and more, there is truly something exciting for everyone in this release.


NOV 2019

Record time and fees with Amazon Alexa

Record time and create fees with integration between Amazon Alexa and LEAP Assistant, the voice-driven integration that allows you to use LEAP with only your voice. Take advantage of the ability to create matter-specific time and fee entries without a single click.

innovations voice memos

MAY 2019

Voice Memos

Work anywhere, anytime when you record and save voice memos directly to the correspondence section of a LEAP matter from your iPhone. Easily replay and review recordings from either your iPhone or desktop computer at a later time.

innovations esignatures

FEB 2018

Electronic Signatures

Request electronic signatures (eSignatures) using LawConnect and DocuSign for Cost Agreements in Guides & Precedents.

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JAN 2019

Create a New Matter on Mobile

Create a new matter while working on the go or meeting with clients. With the LEAP mobile app for iOS devices, you can select the matter type as well as enter matter and client details without needing to return to the office.

innovations Two-Factor Authentication

NOV 2018

Two-Factor Authentication

Rest assured that your data is safe with two-factor authentication (2FA). Even if your password is compromised, your data will remain secure with secondary verification required by the LEAP mobile app.



LEAP expands to the United States




LEAP expands to the United Kingdom




Cloud solution introduced

LEAP’s cloud solution launches, allowing practitioners to work anywhere, at any time.



LEAP is launched

LEAP Legal Software was born in Australia, catering to the needs of small law firms in all common areas of law.

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