Legal Practice Management Software

LEAP Legal Software seamlessly combines practice management, legal accounting, document assembly & management and legal publishing into one state-of-the-art integrated solution.

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Matter Management

One electronic file for all your client and matter related information.

Time Recording

Accurately record time and create fixed-fee entries from your desktop or mobile device.

LEAP Mobile App

The LEAP Mobile App allows you to communicate with clients and colleagues, record time and access matters - all from the palm of your hand.

Email Management

All emails automatically saved to their corresponding matters.


Measure performance with a wide range of reports for clients, trust, office and management.

Powerful Automation

Enjoy peace of mind with LEAP's powerful automation capabilities that automatically populate documents with matter details.

Common Areas of Law

Pre-configured matter types in all the common areas of law across New Zealand.

Client Portal

Securely share documents, view invoices and statements with LEAP's LawConnect integrations.

Legal Searching

Save time by accessing all commonly ordered searches from within LEAP, with search fields auto-populated.


Document Assembly and Management

LEAP’s in-built legal document management system for law firms lets you create, store and share documents, correspondence, searches and forms in one secure and searchable location. With over 1,000 pre-configured matter types, you can easily store client information, e-mails and documents in one electronic matter.

Legal Publishing

Legal Publishing

At LEAP, we understand that lawyers rely on having up-to-date and accurate information in order to operate productively. Providing up-to-date forms, drafted legal precedents, and comprehensive legal forms - including matter plans and commentary, LEAP’s Legal Practice Productivity Solution ensures you don’t lose time using out-of-date materials.

Legal Accounting

Legal Accounting

Easily perform complex transactions with in-built office and Law Society certified trust accounting, as well as LEAP’s comprehensive Pre-Billing Guide. Whether you’re doing fixed fee work, value billing or time recording, LEAP’s powerful activity recording system provides lawyers with all the information to bill every matter accurately.

Automatically record time on the go

With automatic time recording on the LEAP Mobile App, you can easily create time entries from any location. With all time entries created on the app automatically synced to LEAP on your desktop, you can work anywhere, at any time. Time entries are also automatically created and saved to the corresponding matter for any calls made using the app.


Work from anywhere with LEAP and Microsoft 365

Integration between LEAP and familiar Microsoft 365 products including Outlook, Word, Teams and Excel give you the freedom to work on matters and collaborate with colleagues wherever you're working from. Take advantage of the ability to quickly produce automated documents and letters with seamless integration between LEAP and Microsoft 365.

Join the 61,000+ practitioners who are already using LEAP

Enjoy all the benefits of a state-of-the-art legal practice management system as well as legal accounting, document assembly and management and legal publishing assets all in one integrated solution.

LEAP is a fully hosted, backed-up and secure cloud software solution for you where you don't need your own servers to:

  • Manage all your document needs so that you can find your documents instantly and create them accurately;

  • Manage your time, fees and billing requirements to optimise cashflow

  • Work collaboratively online with your clients and other stakeholders

  • Work on your Mobile iPad or Desktop with all data and documents synchronising instantly across all devices for all your users