Backed by over 30 years of innovation, LEAP gives law firms the benefit of a global platform with jurisdiction-specific solutions as well as local content and support.

Lawyer looking at LEAP on a desktop screen

Work from home with ease

LEAP is the most productive work-from-home enabled system for law firms. Preparing to work from home using LEAP is as simple as downloading and installing the LEAP Desktop application to your computer. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office 365, Xero and MYOB. With 99.99% average uptime globally, LEAP enables your firm to do all the things you did in the office from home with the same, if not better levels of efficiency.


Everything you need to run your law firm

As a true cloud solution, LEAP gives you the functionality to run an efficient and flexible law firm from wherever you may be. Providing law firms with a state-of-the-art practice management system, as well as legal accounting, document assembly & management, and legal publishing assets all in one integrated solution, LEAP gives you the tools to boost productivity and reduce non-billable time.


Commitment to innovation

LEAP works hard to provide world class integrated productivity solutions for law firms. We commit more than $20 million a year to research and development so that our clients have the best possible experience. At LEAP, we are proud to deliver an industry leading software solution that is attune to the needs of our clients.


Manage your matters across common areas of law

LEAP offers pre-configured matter types for all common areas of law in New Zealand. Information contained within a matter can be used to populate court forms, precedents and more, saving you time on manual data entry. Regardless of your practice areas, LEAP provides you with everything you need to run your law firm efficiently.


LEAP Marketplace

The LEAP Marketplace is the best place to find apps that integrate with LEAP. Offering a wide range of apps that add functionality to matters, cards and more, the LEAP Marketplace lets you extend LEAP’s capabilities to suit your firm. Anyone with a LEAP account can browse, enable and manage apps within LEAP. Get started with the LEAP Marketplace by browsing all available apps below.


Anti-Money Laundering compliance through LEAP’s integrated app

LEAP’s inbuilt anti-money laundering (AML) features allow you to capture and record customer due diligence (CDD) information and documents, record matter risk assessment outcomes, lodge suspicious activity reports (SAR) and prescribed transactions reporting (PTR) directly to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) via our integrated AML App.

11 Habits

11 Habits of Highly Successful Law Firms - Updated for the Digital Age

In this e-book, you’ll learn about the 11 habits of highly successful law firms and how these can be used to give your firm a competitive edge. Informed by the pandemic, this version of the 11 Habits is written for law firms who may be questioning what the ‘new normal’ is.

In your complimentary copy of the e-book, you’ll explore ways to capitalise on your competitive edge, building your law firm as a business, how to become an expert on client experience, billing practices to ensure you get paid and how to understand your firm’s finances.