Save time

Create court books in minutes

BundlePro reduces the labour intensive, time-consuming and resource-heavy task of preparing court books. Simple and user friendly, BundlePro was specifically designed to integrate with LEAP to save you time and money. This web-based software makes it easy to automatically convert large volumes of documents into a single PDF, complete with an auto-generated paginated index, bookmarks, hyperlinks and a cover page.

Easy bundle and share

Reduce manual work

Traditionally, bundling involves manually printing, duplicating and collating documents before sharing them with other parties. This time-consuming and costly process makes it difficult to make amendments or revisions to a bundle. With BundlePro, you can both easily bundle documents as well as edit and share them.

Reduce manual work

Easily edit bundles

BundlePro allows you to easily make changes to bundles. With control over individual pages, you can quickly re-order, move, hide and delete pages or sections of a bundle. BundlePro also gives you the power to create place-holders within a bundle, allowing you to add additional pages or documents at a later date.

With BundlePro’s in-built forensic OCR, all documents included in your bundle become fully text searchable, allowing you to easily locate a particular paragraph, page or section for review or editing.

Seamless Integration

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The LEAP Marketplace is the best place to find apps that integrate with LEAP. Anyone with a LEAP account can browse, enable and manage apps like BundlePro within LEAP. Learn more about BundlePro or browse all available apps by visiting the LEAP Marketplace.

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Powerful features

Convert large volumes of documents into a single PDF, complete with an auto-generated paginated index, Bookmarks, hyperlinks, and a cover page. The contents of a bundle are run through a forensic OCR, making the text fully searchable.

Time efficient

Simple and easy to use, BundlePro’s integration with LEAP saves you time like no other solution. BundlePro allows law firms to create professional, presentable, searchable and cost effective electronic court books in minutes.

Cost effective

Once a bundle has been created, an automatic disbursement can be generated and saved back to your client’s ledger in LEAP, ensuring you recover any expenses incurred.

Exclusive integration with LEAP

Integration between BundlePro and LEAP allows you take advantage of countless time and money saving features in the creation of electronic court books.

  • Create bundles in accordance with the requirements of the courts.
  • Improve the reading experience of court books with custom indexing, automatic page numbering and document collation.
  • Easily locate a specific sentence, paragraph or section within a bundle using the in-built forensic OCR which makes the bundle fully text searchable.
  • Edit bundles with ease with the ability to move, migrate and merge documents with the drag and drop interface.
  • Collaborate on bundles virtually and see changes in real time.
  • Customise bundles according to your own design preferences with options such as title and index pages, document stamping, redactions, watermarking, labelling and more.
  • Access your bundles at any time with all bundles stored in the cloud.