Document management

Seamless integration with LEAP

LawConnect allows clients to securely sign, view and comment on documents online. Documents can be shared securely via LawConnect directly from LEAP by opening the relevant matter and selecting the document to be shared.

Using LawConnect gives you better control over the documents you share. See if a client has viewed a document, access shared documents instantly and revoke access if necessary. Give your law firm a competitive edge by providing your clients with secure, efficient and accurate service.

Secured on AWS

Have confidence in document security

LawConnect provides a secure environment for your firm and your clients to collaborate in real-time. You can rest assured knowing that LawConnect stores its data on servers provided by Amazon Web Services which eliminates the need for unsafe email correspondence on documents. Instead, LawConnect documents are stored in the right matter, accessible only by people with permission.

Access anywhere, anytime

Give clients easy access to documents

Available on iOS and Android devices, the LawConnect app allows you to easily share documents with your clients. Give your clients the power to view and collaborate on documents, sign forms or cost agreements, pay invoices and view their trust statements in one secure and easily accessible location.


In LawConnect, all parties can view the same version of a document, so you can see whether a client has opened a document or not. LawConnect’s Comment and Reply feature means that you can enjoy greater collaboration by reviewing documents with clients, lawyers, barristers and other parties in real-time.


Storing your documents with LawConnect means you have access to your documents anywhere, any time. Documents are secure in LawConnect and are never sent via email.


Direct lawyer-client file integration means you can be more efficient and productive without compromising security. LawConnect provides a quicker, more secure and transparent service to your clients - offering your law firm a competitive edge like no other.

Join the largest online directory for lawyers

LawConnect has been used to share more than 3,000,000 documents with clients. Recently we’ve added an exclusive Directory of LEAP law firms helping to drive new clients to your firm making it easy for your clients to find you.

Features in the directory include:

  • Lawyers’ profiles
  • Firm profiles
  • Expertise
  • Testimonials
  • Star ratings
  • Links directly to your firm’s website
  • The ability to optionally make appointment booking (online or in office) available to prospects and clients.